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Website Design & SEO Myths Uncovered – READ NOW!


Why are there so many Web Design and Search Engine Optimization myths on the internet? The following article exposes some of the most common SEO myths affecting web design and looks at the reasons why they have become widely accepted as the truth by many web designers and Webmasters.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex and diverse topic that’s both never constant and constantly changing. There are hundreds of myths about SEO, some were once true but no longer apply (outdated information), while others were simply never true, to begin with (disinformation).

A large number of different opinions and tactics used by both Web Designers and SEO Consultants (which can be completely contrasting) has also helped to create myths. Combine this with a large number of web forums and blogs that allow people to share their views, and you have the perfect environment for not only creating myths but for them to spread like a viral epidemic. Here are some of the most common myths explained.

Myth Name: Build it and they will come
Myth Description: The belief that a website will receive large quantities of targeted traffic as soon as it goes online.

Truth: The biggest myth I still come across most days is the aptly named “build it and they will come myth”. The cause of the myth is a combination of outdated information, a non-realistic, over-optimistic site owner or a lack of understanding of the web. Back in the old days of the internet, you could “build a site and they would come”, just by submitting to the main search engines of the day (to a degree). This was largely due to the lack of websites around at the time, meaning top positions were that much easier to secure.

Nowadays a site must be advertised just like any business. A good analogy is your site is a shop and a search engine is a high-street. The only problem is your shop is not on the high-street, so some kind of sign is required to inform passers-by where you are and what you do.

Myth Name: Search Engine Submission Myths
Myth Description: The belief that a website needs to submit every page to the search engines. The belief that regular or monthly submissions will result in better search engine rankings. The belief that a website needs to keep on submitting to search engines or they will forget about the site. The belief that if a website submits to thousands of search engines its traffic levels will go through the roof.

Truth: While some of these myths used to have a bit of truth to them, nowadays search engine submission is not required at all. The myths have been caused mainly by companies who provide submission services. This is because it’s financially in their interest for people to believe the myths are true.

It doesn’t hurt to submit to the major search engines but indexing can be achieved simply by getting links to a site (as long as the page where the link is on is known to the search engines).

There is also no point at all submitting to thousands of search engines. There are only a handful of search engines that people actually use. Many of the other search engines have been created to obtain the submitter's email address which is then added to email lists (which spammers will pay money for).

Myth Name: Meta Tag Optimisation
Myth Description: The belief that search engine optimisation is just about Meta tags.

Truth: Meta tags used to be very important to rankings until search engines became more complex. While some Meta tags are still important to the description and title tags which most search engines will display on their results (so they can influence click-through rates drastically). Most tags like the keyword tag are obsolete.

I believe the cause of this myth is twofold. One, because it’s outdated information (to a degree) and two, because people want to believe there’s a secret magic formula that only SEO’s know about. That way a lack of rankings is not their fault, plus it keeps the conspiracy theorists happy.

Myth Name: Ethical Search Engine Optimisation
Myth Description: The belief that there are two types of SEO, black hat and white hat (the old good versus evil).

Truth: Quite simple this one but nearly always overlooked. Any attempt to alter the search engines results and obtain more traffic is against most search engines guidelines. While there are tactics that may get you banned and others that may not or are not widely known about (yet), all of them are trying to influence the results and therefore are against the guidelines. SEO is neither black nor white, but many shades of grey. Just try to know what you’re doing and more importantly the associated risks.

Myth Name: Google’s PageRank (PR) is the most important aspect of a sites ability to rank
Myth Description: Self-explanatory this one, the belief that PR is a god-like entity we must all worship in order to obtain rankings.

Truth: It is widely believed by expert SEO’s and even been stated by Google Guy (a Google employee) that the PR we see on the toolbar is out of date as soon as we get to see it. Google update PR constantly but only update the toolbar PR now and then. PR is also only one part of a complex ranking system. How big a percentage it plays in rankings, only Google knows.

One thing for sure, it doesn’t matter how good your PR is on the toolbar, it’s not going to get you any more traffic from Yahoo or MSN (you heard it here first).

There are many more web design myths about SEO, most of which can be spotted if you read between the lines and think about whether it would make sense for a search engine. One of the most important parts of SEO is finding a reliable source of information. If you want to learn more, a good place to start is one of the numerous SEO Forums on the web.

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Monthly Website Design Packages in South Africa


When web designing a page, it is important for every web design company and for every web designer to attract attention to the most important events, items and contents in the site you are making in behalf of a client. Fortunately, there are various ways by which you can attract the attention of online users. Most web site designers will find it effective to simply change the font size of the content headline. Setting the font size reasonably bigger is a sure-fire yet simple way to draw in attention. Newspaper and media companies will know this for sure. A good and experienced web design company should know this as well.

Grabbing Attention through Typography/Fonts

Using typography or varying font and font sizes to get the attention of online users is not really a new concept. However, before you go on and set your titles or headlines to 48px or even larger, you should know a few rules on typography that are best generally followed by a web design company. Here are some of them:

Web design tip #1: Highlight only what is important. Before setting a headline to a much bigger font, you should ask yourself: Is this particular part really that important? If you are announcing a 20% off sale on regular cosmetics, for example, this will surely arouse interest but making your font unreasonably huge will likely to turn your customers off. And this is something that you and your web design company should avoid at all times.

Web design tip #2: Consider the standard font size you use for the rest of the page. This is just plain common sense: if you type everything at 24pt, then creating a 30pt subject headline might not look all that different. However, a 16pt headline written on top of an 8pt text will look huge.

Web design tip #3: Set standards on the use of font sizes. You should have already decided with your client as to the type of events that should merit an increase in the title font size, and up to what extent it should be. You and your web design company will benefit from this. Once you have laid out the plan, even if your client comes running back to you and starts pleading you to announce the recent cosmetic sale at 54pt, you should strictly follow the standard pre-determined size for the particular level of content.

Remember though that changing the font size is not the only way that you can modify your web design to get as much attention. Playing around with your font will also prove useful. You can for example, use different fonts of the same family to highlight important events (using Sans-Serif and switching to Serif for added emphasis). You can also modify the color to instantaneously grab your viewers' attention. Similarly, you can change the weight and the style of your font by using the bold or italicized option to make certain parts of your site stand out.

Grabbing the attention of your online users is not just limited to fonts. There are still other ways to change your site's web design so that it gets the attention it deserves. Here are some of them:

Web design tip #4: Use images. Graphics and images have always been effective at catching attention. A picture says a thousand words, as they say.

Web design tip #5: Change your layout. Completely changing your layout is a very exciting way to get attention, for as long as you come up with an interesting new one.

Web design tip #6: Use animations. Flat images tend to attract attention. However, these days, your web design company may have to ask you to come up with animation-based splash page to show off the kind of pages you come up with. They generally make your site look more dynamic and interesting to the eyes of your visitors. Be careful though, as you will need to think about site loading times beyond the web design stage.

Catching the attention of online visitors may prove relatively easy to do as stated above. However, it is just as easy to go way overboard with these attention grabbing techniques. You have to remember that if each and every line in your page is set in red or bold face and has blinking effects; nothing in the content will stand out after ll. Also, if you announce your 20% off on cosmetic site at the same intensity as an ongoing war, your online visitors will surely notice how strange, business-centered or unrealistic your site seems to be. They will learn to quickly ignore all the designs you make and look for another site that is more even-handed - much to the frustration of your web design company.

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Best Website Design Practices

Website Design Packages

Web design can be a bit like being handed a box of watch parts with the instruction manual that reads, “Put contents together completely.”

You turn the instructions over looking for more information, but come back to the singular line, “Put contents together completely.”

No matter how long you try to put the watch together you will find it virtually impossible without step-by-step instructions.

Unlike a manual for a watch, web design can be constructed in a variety of ways using the same components. For instance the layout can be constructed in a variety of ways, the color scheme can be original to your own personality and tastes and you determine how large or small the site needs to be.

Web Design is often pursued like a person seeking to build a home out of spare lumber. You keep hammering and patching using whatever you come across in the hopes the site is better for your diligence.

Web building software can allow you to experiment, but articles such as this one can help point you to better tools and quality construction products.

Knowledge-Rich Content

The use of value added content for your site is impressive to both consumer as well as search engines. The consumer values your interest in passing along information that may prove useful in understanding your products and services and how best to use what you offer. Search engines value the use of keyword specific content in determine the rankings of your site.

Ease of Navigation

Seek to make sure site visitors can get from one place on your website to another in the fewest clicks possible. Make clean avenues of navigation a high priority for web design.

Knowing When Not to Overdo it

Many websites attempt to develop their website into something bigger and better than anything you may have seen before. They may include flash and flash animation along with other extravagant design elements. In the end the site can seem to swirl with sights, sounds and colors that can leave some feeling a little green. Over development of a site is really not essential to the ultimate success of the site. Keeping things clean and attractive my do more good than developing a stage and insisting that 12 acts perform at the same time.

Decide What’s Important

In your web design you may want to place a variety of items that you find personally fulfilling, but it is important to determine if those items are a clean fit to the overall focus of the site. If they don’t fit you might be interested in developing a secondary personal site that can be linked from your primary site so visitors can get to know more about you and the things you value as personal interest dictates.

Get Out the Red Pen

Be willing to edit heavily. Strip your site of all the non-essentials. This could be content, photos, excessively long product descriptions or other content. Ask yourself if the site visitor can scan your content easily. Include headings, subheadings and bullet points when possible to assist them in this goal.

Find every reason possible to allow your customer to remain keyed in to your site. Web design begins and ends with an eye toward simplicity and focus.


How Important Is Having A Website Really?


In today’s competing market it is very important for businesses to invest in web design. With the overabundance of digital advancements available, competition is growing and getting tougher. That is why businesses need to understand the importance of having a well-designed website. However, there are remain many web design skeptic or people who don’t see the value in website design or understand the concept. So how do you sell website design to a skeptic? It’s simple: show how important it is for having a successful business in today’s fierce market.

Web design is an important field that involves the design, construction, function, and maintenance of a website. The design and function of the website are entirely molded around the client’s brand, audience, and specifications. Great web designers keep themselves updated on developments and trends in their field and appropriate them in fulfilling their clients’ needs.   

Why Is Web Design So Important?

There several reasons why web design is important, but the main idea is that a business’s website is a representation of its brand, an extension of its identity. How it presents itself online can add to its success or failure. It essentially means if your business doesn’t have a website, has a poorly designed one, or has one that hasn’t been updated in a while, then you risk turning off your customers or not registering in their consciousness at all.

In today’s market, potential customers are using the internet to find companies they trust or find appealing. No one uses the yellow pages anymore, and phone calls are rarely happening. Think of the website as a business storefront: it is what customers see right away and what establishes your brand from the get-go. Without a well-designed website, businesses are seriously lacking new customers and increased revenue. Here is what web design does for your brand.

Adds Credibility

Web design is essential to providing a business with credibility. When a potential customer is searching for a product or service, they are more likely to use the internet. If 85% of consumers are using the internet to find a local business or product, having an impressive website is extremely important. While customers are searching for the desired service, they are only going to choose one that has a website backed with credibility.

Web designs come options on how to build your reputation and gain trust. Depending on the nature of your business, you could have customer reviews and testimonies, portfolios, or have dedicated pages for awards and citations. An attractive website that looks better than your competitors’ could also build your credibility to potential customers.

Builds Brand Image

Another vital aspect that web design provides for a business is a strong brand image. Ever heard of the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover? Unfortunately, potential customers are doing exactly that with your website. Web design includes colours, visuals, and features, that strategically express your image and identity. Your home page or landing page gives you that unique opportunity to show your brand image it a way that will resonate with your customers.

Generates Sales

Having an online channel connects you to more customers. Each visitor is a potential buyer. Even if you’ve got a brick-and-mortar and have no plans of going the e-commerce route, your website could connect you to potential customers that your storefront and your traditional media efforts might not be able to reach.

What Does Web Design Include?

Web design encompasses a variety of skills and disciplines. Starting from the blank page, adding the layout, then company logos and images, there is a lot that goes into to constructing a website. Web designers and developers usually offer packages that provide you with everything you need for a fully functional website that will draw customers in. Here are typical inclusions in web design packages:

  • Domain and hosting – Online real estate, the address and space to build the structure.
  • Interface design – Everything that a visitor sees and interacts with.
  • Navigation and layout – Ensures that visitors can intuitively find what they’re looking for.
  • Graphic design – Appealing aesthetics that are consistent with the brand image.
  • Add-ons – Enhance user experience or facilitate management and site analysis.
  • SEO – Helps users get to the site when they enter a search term in a search engine.
  • Full maintenance –  Makes sure the site remains up and running.
  • E-commerce – Sets up the facilities for an online shop, including payment channels.

Conclusion: So Is It Worth the Investment?

This is the one question that gets sceptics hesitant to invest in web design. However, based on all the information provided above, it’s easy to see where all the money is going. Creating a customised platform requires a lot of work and maintenance. Also, you aren’t paying just anyone—you’re paying experts in the field. Most web design packages not only cover construction, but also routine maintenance and updates. This means your website will always look up-to-date and functional.

4 Actions for Optimising the Performance of Cattle Fattening


In beef livestock fattening farms (See: cattle fattening business plan pdf), techno-economic efficiency optimisation is imperative for reaching success, whether in farrow-to-finish or fattening farms. The useful application of this objective needs a 4-step approach: factor to consider of the wanted last outputs, analysis of the existing circumstance, personalized dietary program and last recognition the services carried out.

Consideration of the target audience

Whether in farrow-to-finish farms or fattening ones, farmers need to take into consideration the kind of products needed by their target markets to set up their productions objectives: weanlings, calves aged less than 12 months, young calves aged 14 to 16 months ... Prior knowledge of the industrial targets allows for the determination of objectives worrying weight, typical everyday gain (ADG), fat cover, color of meat, and so on. This will help them to decide the kind of diet plan to carry out (dry diet plan, semi-dry diet, wet diet plan), the dietary levels needed and the most suitable feeding program to use.

Analysis of the present scenario

Attaining these objectives requires a good introduction and a comprehensive understanding of the present farming systems in use. At this moment, undertaking an useful audit of the farm will assist to determine the areas for improvement from a technical and financial viewpoint. In addition, performance modellings permitted by management tools are typically used in farrow to end up farms, and the teachings of market information (purchase rate for calves, selling cost of young bulls, the feeding program cost, etc.) will permit to identify earnings margins.

Elaboration of a customised dietary program

A specific dietary program based on the farm's technical and economic optimum can then be established. This program needs to consist of the following:

  • optimisation of livestock resources: forages, feeds, additive minerals, raw materials and co-products available;
  • factor to consider of animals' growth potential: ADG (Average Daily Gain) prospective, growth curve
    turn-over of young calves' margin targets.

All these objectives are created to select the most appropriate routes from a techno-economic viewpoint. Data associated with the wanted goals and the uniqueness of each farm can then be entered into an economic optimization software application. This software will then allow to compute the required nutritional requirements thereby recommending the most appropriate feeding program.

How can one discover the best-fitting program? An overall understanding of the nutritional worths of the resources kept in the farm (forages, basic material ...) and factor to consider of production targets will assist to figure out the extent to which these resources can be utilized in the diet plan, as well as the most suitable feed supplements to utilize. These feed supplements will help compensate for the diet plan's determined shortages and restrictions in terms of energy profiles, nitrogen, fibrous mineral of the basic diet).
Upon developing the diet plan, the consideration of particular requirements will contribute to a more accurate management of the respective fattening phases: adjustment/ begin/ growth/ ending up. The other advantage of such preventative measures is that digestive upsets that are most likely to take place at this phase will be more controlled and thus much better prevented.

An unsuitable feeding program might result in underperformances and gastrointestinal disorders (acidosis, enterotoxemia ...), with typically heavy effects: inefficient utilization of diets, lower everyday weight gain for beef cattle, reduced performance, lameness, death ... Furthermore, the incorporation of additive solutions in the diet can enhance the advantages of nutrients so they can be presumed to their full capacity. To this end, some additive options can ensure a protected optimisation of young calves' development. The action mode of these options includes orientating ruminal fermentations to produce propionic acid; propionic acid has a beneficial impact on muscle growth. Considering that they likewise add to include methane emissions, these solutions also limit energy waste.

Last: application of solutions implemented

A last contrast in between the diet plan that has really been fed and their occurring weight gain will provide an accurate techno-economic examination of the recently executed program. This evaluation will assist to identify areas for enhancement with regard to rearing conditions and the proper feeding approaches to apply.

Reasons Why You Must Be Utilizing Google Adwords for Your Small Business


In 2016, Google made $79.38 billion in profits from advertising. That number tells me that not only are a ton of individuals utilizing Google AdWords, however likewise that Google AdWords is extremely efficient.

Adwords is not an excellent option for every small company. If nobody is searching on Google for your services or products, then it would not be a great option. You can quickly find this out by utilizing Google's Keyword Tool to see check the search volume for keywords connected to your business.

For the majority of services their potential clients are browsing on Google, which makes AdWords an excellent way to market your items and services.

Assuming that if you're still reading this you know that individuals are searching for your organisation online, here are 7 reasons that you need to start using Google AdWords for your small company.

1. There's No Minimum Investment

This is a big favorable for small businesses who are frequently operating with a limited spending plan. And truthfully, even if you have a large marketing budget you more than likely don't want to risk a lot of money up front to check out a brand-new marketing channel.

With Google AdWords, there is no minimum investment or regular monthly advertisement spend, which suggests there's much less of a risk when compared to other marketing choices with larger in advance costs.

Some keywords cost more than others, but if you're realistic with your budget plan and with the marketplace you're completing in, Google AdWords is a terrific alternative.

2. You Only Pay For Results

Not only is Google AdWords affordable, however you also only pay when you get results. With "pay-per-click" marketing you're doing simply that- paying each time somebody clicks on your ad.

If your project is set up correctly, incorporating pertinent keywords and unfavorable keywords, then the clicks you'll pay for will be good prospects for your organisation.

Plus, remarketing in Google AdWords assists you to target individuals who have actually clicked your ad in the past, but haven't converted yet. This assists to you follow up and stay top-of-mind with potential customers.

If this all seems a bit overwhelming (I know it can be for beginners), it's best to find a Google AdWords partner South africa to help you set up a campaign for maximum ROI.

3. Google Ads Show Up at the Perfect Time

When somebody makes the effort to browse in Google, they are usually searching for something at that specific minute. This offers organisations a remarkable opportunity to get in front of potential customers at the specific minute they are making a purchasing choice.

Prior to digital advertising was popular, businesses used to market in the Yellowpages under a category closely associated to their service so that their advertisement would remain in front of potential customers who were searching for a particular services or product.

Google AdWords is basically the Yellowpages of digital marketing, but it's even much better because you can choose to market for any keyword you think your prospective customers will browse when they're seeking to acquire your product or service.

4. Google Ads Show Up in the Perfect Place

Timing is extremely essential but won't assist if your ads aren't being shown to the customers in your local area.

Google AdWords enables you to choose geographical targeting that will guarantee your ads are only shown to prospects in your market. If you're a local organisation, this indicates you can choose the mileage radius that customers will generally visit your business from.

If you're a dental expert and you've discovered that many of your clients live within a 15-mile radius of your office, you can choose to just market to individuals who live within that radius, guaranteeing that potential customers are in the best location to turn into clients.

5. AdWords Engages Your Target Customers

Video material is an incredibly effective kind of content marketing. In reality, 64% of users are more likely to buy an item online after enjoying a video and YouTube reports almost 100% development every year.

You might be asking yourself, "what does that relate to Google AdWords?"

YouTube marketing is managed through Google AdWords. That indicates utilizing AdWords supplies organisations with the opportunity to get their ads on YouTube videos that relate to your service or product. With over 4.9 billion videos being enjoyed on YouTube every day, this offers a valuable opportunity for businesses utilizing AdWords.

6. Google AdWords Helps Guide Your SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great investment since if your website is on page one, you do not have to spend for the clicks to your site. SEO can take months, or even years, to get your service to rank on the first page of Google and needs constant effort to keep it there.

With Google AdWords, you can possibly get your site visible on page 1 of Google within hours, however obviously, you need to spend for each click.

The essential takeaway is Google AdWords offers you the ability to evaluate different keywords and see if they drive sales for your business. You can use this details to notify your SEO method and make certain your investing your spending plan on keywords that will in fact create sales once your site is ranking.

7. Integrated ROI Tracking

There's no point in investing in advertising if you don't understand if it's working. With Google AdWords, that will never be an issue.

AdWords has integrated abilities that both track and report on your roi (ROI). The setup is fairly basic to complete by yourself, or a web developer can quickly set your account up correctly.

When setup is complete, you're able to track webform submissions, e-commerce sales, telephone call, and even offline sales that were closed via call or face to face.

Plus, the reports will reveal you exactly which keywords and advertisements are driving one of the most sales, enabling you to allocate your budget plan accordingly and optimize your ROI.


Google AdWords is an extremely effective tool for promoting your business. If you pay very close attention to setup, tracking, and handling your account, it can provide an outstanding ROI and create sales for your business.

Visit for more information.

Paragliding Security Tips – What You Must Know


As you probably understand, paragliding is an exciting sport that everybody can delight in! It is very sure, even more than driving a car, it might involve some dangers due to the fact that it involves flying through the air. This suggests hundreds or thousands of meters above the ground, which is the reason that taking some steps to guarantee your security is a must.

Really, paragliding is an activity truly easy to find out. Nonetheless, among the most hazardous elements of paragliding is the period just after someone starts to feel comfortable in the air.

On the one hand, when you are discovering to paraglide, it is rather probable that you will be extremely careful and that you even sense of vulnerability. On the other hand, if you have actually already gone through the paragliding training to become a pilot and you have currently headed out to fly by yourself, it can be quite easy to establish an incorrect complacency.

It is very simple to take safety less seriously and make mistakes at the minute when you start to feel confident. Down below, you will discover some paragliding security tips tailored towards everybody-- from beginners to the most knowledgeable paragliding pilots.


Paragliding preparation is the secret. You need to remember that mistakes happen, even to skilled pilots. Nevertheless, you have to preserve regard for flying, together with a constant sensation of susceptibility. Moreover, you must prepare yourself effectively both psychologically and physically prior to your paragliding flight, since it is extremely important.

This paragliding safety pointer also includes gathering a precise weather report prior to your paragliding flight, in addition to understanding the area effectively.

You must also remember to examine all paragliding equipment routinely and previously every flight to make sure that it depends on correct working requirements. If you have any doubt or concern about the integrity of any piece of your paragliding devices, or about the conditions in which you will be doing your flight, you better do not remove.

We strongly suggest you to practice your paragliding techniques for both taking-off and landing too. When you are landing, you need to do so into the wind. It is important to practice your landing method. We advise you to focus your efforts on striking the target, or at least, land as close as possible.

You must have a strategy for the end of your flight prior to you have actually even begun. It needs to be a top priority at every action of your flight to prepare appropriately a safe approach to the landing zone. As we have actually stated, you should prevent landing out of the landing zone, because if you do that, it will increase the probability of suffering a paragliding accident.

Practice makes excellence, and every effort has its reward so, think us when we say that, once you reach the ground securely, you will more than happy to have gone through all of those details prior to flying.


Among the most significant errors that people frequently make after they begin practicing paragliding frequently is to fall into a pattern of complacency. This sport is both relaxing and electrifying. This distinct mix is accountable for many individuals enjoying this sport so much.

However, there are undoubtedly some threats that must be prevented and appreciated at every level of the flying experience. Please, make the correct preparations and we highly advise you to make use of our paragliding security suggestions, so you can ensure your security and take pleasure in a wonderful flight.

5 Paragliding Tips for Faster Flying

Among the greatest advantages of practicing paragliding (SEE: Tandem paragliding Cape Town) is that you will be able to delight in the sensation of peace together with the amazing views of the coast, all of this while you agree with nature.

There are some days when simply flying fast isn't enough-- you desire to go even quicker! Those days when you try to reach dizzying heights, when you try to cross those stretches that you have actually never seen prior to ... When it comes to appeasing your inner guide requesting for speed, we will offer you some paragliding suggestions for faster flying and take advantage of the wind conditions.


It might seem like a contradiction, but probably the very best method to arrive speed is to engage your speed bar progressively. This is one of the very best paragliding tips for faster flying.

While newbies may be tempted to stamp on the bar right away, this technique can pitch the glider forward with too high an angle of attack, making the wing vulnerable to deflations. Rather, ease on the speed by monitoring your pitch and waiting till the speed of your body matches the wing speed before increasing it.


This paragliding tip in easy words-- sharp steering feeds your sink rate. You have to attempt manoeuvring your wing more consistently to avoid tight turns and abrupt shifts which can also oscillate your banking angle. You simply have to bank the glider in strong lift.


If you know how to centre a thermal, it can indicate the distinction in between getting home safe and sound, and landing out. Thermals don't simply provide an opportunity to gain altitude, however they can likewise send you flying at speeds on a par with the speed of birds.

If you wish to maximize a thermal, you have to wait till you feel the greatest lift and after that dig your wing into it with a tight turn. The faster you find the core of the thermal, the quicker you will rise and the faster you will fly. This is another of the best paragliding suggestions for faster flying.


If you prepare your route over ridges, it can assist provide a stable stream of updrafts. In great wind conditions, slopes can provide a relatively rational lift as long as you fly steadily over the edges. This paragliding method is often utilized in competition jobs to diminish long ridges. You simply need to rise to the top of the thermal if you plan to leave the ridge. Simply put, go over the back or into the flats.


Getting captured in a headwind can drop your speed rate to a crawl. If you remain at trim, you will most likely start hovering downward as the wing loses speed yet if you try to fly any slower, you will start moving backwards. The very best alternative is to hit the speed bar whenever going into the wind to ensure maximum forward speed motion.

Important Tips When Planning a Home Makeover


Due to the fact that preparation is so essential, in this post, we chose we would go through some tips and finest practices that we will be following, which might assist you, with any upcoming house improvement tasks that you may be carrying out.

Psychological Preparation

All of us require to mentally prepare yourself to have your home be turned upside down for some time-- when we reno'ed our cooking area, we undervalued the time by about 3 weeks, and not having access to the cooking area for that time was a real-- unplanned -inconvenience for us.

So the takeaway here is to be prepared for things to fail, for a project to take longer than anticipated, and for unforeseen issues to pop up along the way. So clarify your motivations before you start, focus on the end goal and do not let the chaos consume you. It's easy to get overwhelmed when things undoubtedly go off track.

Budget, Budget, Budget!

It sounds pretty fundamental, but this may be the most important part of the preparation procedure. Ensure your objectives are sensible, and you are as particular as possible throughout the planning procedure. You do not want your loan to go out in the middle of a task.

In addition to your base expenses, it's a finest practice to consider a small percentage of the overall budget plan for overruns and unpredicted expenses.

I know it's tempting, but be sure to stick to your budget while you're walking the halls of the hardware store and come across that expensive faucet you truly desire, however ... do you truly require it ... it's just an extra R200 ... This is need vs desire, and that's why we have a budget-- to keep you on track.

Creative Inspiration & Collaboration

The last time we did an overhaul project, particularly the garden, we just went to the regional garden center, purchased a bunch of things and tried to plug it into our yard wherever it would fit, it was a little a disaster.

This time we want to be a little bit more tactical and really plan out each space prior to we get going and decide what we want to replace, and precisely what we want to change it with. We want to share all the different motivations we have and make time for the imaginative process to stream-- this must be among the most pleasurable parts of the makeover-- so we're going to take our time and enjoy it!

We're both quite visual people and take motivation from anywhere, from magazine bits, to when we're wandering around a shop and see something we like, to when we're online surfing and find that ideal furniture piece in some random image.

In the past, I would end up with all these publication cutouts, photos on my phone, Chad ends up with a lot of handwritten notes and things saved on his computer system ... so this time to be more effective we're using this totally free app from Adobe, called Adobe Scan which actually lets us bring all of our concepts together and organize them so we wind up with a last design file that we can settle on, and adhere to, while budgeting.

Schedule It In

Ok, we have a budget plan, we know what we wish to do, now we need to arrange this task in so it in fact gets done. Your time is not endless-- be sensible about the time you actually have, do not overburden yourself, and be sure to account for times where other family or work responsibilities will interfere or might be affected by this project.

Now, you want to literally take out that calendar and start blocking off time and working through conflicts. And keep in mind-- just as you did for your budget plan, keep in mind to consider time over-runs and how that might affect you and your family.

Think about a Professional

As much as we wish to have the ability to do every part of our remodeling ourselves, the reality is we know that it in some cases makes more sense budget plan sensible, as well as time a good idea to bring in contractors in Cape Town to get things done. And let's be truthful, Chad does not have the abilities to lay an entire corridor with hardwood floor. That's why this time we're generating an expert to do our floorings, and you may wish to do the very same thing if you run into a task that just isn't in your skillset.

I had a plumbing technician been available in a few months back and he made an excellent point: If you require your taxes done, call an accountant, if you require your sink repaired, call a plumbing! In other words, in some cases a professional is the finest method to get a job done.

We're super delighted about our upcoming makeover, we're going to be documenting and sharing as much as we can, so I hope you stick with us through this amazing house transformation journey!

Wedding Planning: Wedding Gift Ideas


Let's talk wedding gift ideas. Sure, nine times out of 10, you're most likely popping a check in an envelope with the cutest seriouslysofun card you could find at Papyrus. Or, ordering that thing from that a person place (yawn) off the wedding windows registry and putting all your creative effort into the most beautiful gift cover you can find at Target. Yes, it's semi-heartbreaking not having the ability to buy that heart-shaped Le Creuset Dutch oven for your to-be-wed babes. That would be great, however so is being considerate of your pals' real wants and needs.

But then, there are those golden times when it's all approximately you. The couple is blasé about the gifts, could not be bothered with a computer registry (or it's all been bought, weee!), and doesn't actually need the money, tbh. (You know-- those good friends.) Those times when it's socially approved and actually downright motivated to get any present we desire? To get fantasizing on the coolest Wedding Gifts ideas on the planet? GET IN, WE'RE GOING SHOPPING.

We're not going completely hog wild here (I left that to the bridal shower gift roundup), so we're going to attempt to stick mainly with items to help the couple develop their "new home," as custom goes. After all, even if they've been cohabiting for a years, possibilities are they do not yet have a pair of ultra-luxe, sleek-AF, Scandi pepper and salt mills that are essentially works of art. Or hand-hammered brass serving spoons. Or a cooking pot with a little piggy for a manage! And they require it, clearly. I've also consisted of travel-themed items, due to the fact that honeymoon! And wanderlusting life together!

And then of course, there are simply the Fun and Awesome Wedding Gift Ideas. A caution: These might not apply well to some, or even most, good friends. But if you do have that one couple in your life that really would appreciate the magic of getting an absurdly expensive duo of action figures that look just like them, trust us, no amount of Farberware is going to top that in their book. You simply won the gift-giving game. * high five *.

Now, let's store. (And if you're still building your own registry, boy do I have some concepts for you.).

1. Amazon Echo.

The couple will have an on-demand, at-home individual assistant to check the weather, play music, checked out a dish, set an alarm, and anything else they may need to manage their ever-growing to-do list. They'll be astonished at just how much they'll be able to finish with the Amazon Echo!

2. Old Havana Dinner Plate.

Fix up their daily plates with some splashes of color to cheer up their cooking area. They'll enjoy busting these out throughout meal times (and the truth that they're dishwashing machine and microwave friendly).

3. Away Suitcase Set of Two.

A set of luggage is a best present for the couple with wanderlust. Plus, they'll think about you every time they're evacuating! For an added touch, get some custom-made baggage tags with their names and the "I Do" date.

4. Samsung - 55" Class - LED - NU7100 Series.

This is on the costlier side of wedding presents, of course, however it's something that the groom and bride will definitely value. You can even assemble a group of friends to enter on the present together. Elya, 23, received a flat screen as a wedding present and loves it! "The stunning flat screen TV was something we would never have actually purchased ourselves but we utilize it day-to-day!" she states.

5. Genius Recipes.

With a name like Genius Recipes, the newlyweds are ensured an entirely innovative and useful addition to their kitchen area collection. With over 100 recipes from culinary professionals, including Julia Child, you can rest assured that this New York Times bestseller will leave them in great hands. Bon appétit!

The Benefits of Indoor Signs


There are numerous tactical benefits for the use of Indoor signs to increase sales and increase income. Whilst also improving customer experience. Here we take a look at some of the benefits of indoor signage, and how affordable it can be to do.

  1. Deliver an extremely targeted marketing project to audiences within your facilities
  2. Engage with people currently in shop
  3. Increase impulse buying
  4. Produce calls to action
  5. Target poster shows to particular audiences. For instance males or women. Couples, households or age stats.

Research study recommends that almost 63% of customers do something about it after seeing indoor advertising. Of these the most common actions were increased purchases of a product and services. Boost in site traffic and activity and higher subscriptions to offers and newsletters.

Believe just how much more company that 63% might bring. Just through basic, low cost indoor signage.

Let's have a look at a few of the item varies readily available now:

Poster Snappers

  • Snap opening poster holder in satin anodised surface
  • Plastic moulded end caps
  • Holds product density of 500 microns

Snap Frames

  • Snap opening frames in a satin anodised finish
  • Posters secured by a 25mm breeze frame
    Single sided wall installed display
  • Usage landscape or portrait
  • Complete with protective cover
  • Wall dealings with and screws provided as requirement
  • Visual area: 8mm around all edges

Information Points

  • Snap opening frames in satin anodised surface
  • 25mm snap frame profile
  • Trendy chrome rounded corners
  • Frames rotate from portrait to landscape
  • A4 297 x 210mm
  • A3 420 x 297mm
  • Visual location: 10.5 mm around all edges

Telescopic Info Points

  • Snap opening frames in a satin anodised surface
  • 32mm breeze frame profile
  • Trendy chrome rounded corners
  • Frame rotates Portrait-- Landscape
  • Chrome base and telescopic pole
  • Tilt center for different viewing angles

Onyx Literature Unit

  • Elegant contemporary design
  • 1x piece insert 6x A4 portrait (48mm) pockets
  • Sturdy black all set put together frame
  • Promo or decoration area listed below
  • 4x anti slip feet

Media Compact Literature Unit

  • Collapsible A4 picture literature holder
  • Single or double sided
  • 6x A4 picture shelves
  • Steel aluminium frame
  • Transparent acrylic shelving
  • Provided with aluminium case

Media 4 Deluxe Literature Stand

  • Retractable portrait literature holder
  • Single-sided
  • 4x A4 picture literature pockets
  • Chrome base
  • Essentially solid Polycarbonate pockets

For more information and available types of indoor signage and advertising, visit or click the following link: Banners

Advantages Of Offering Promotional Pens


A custom-made pen is among a lot of typically utilized service promotional products. It is mainly utilized to market a brand name. They can be utilized with other promotional items such as caps, coats, tote bags, mugs, and jackets. The good idea about advertising pens is that they are practical. In fact, everyone uses them on a daily basis. See: Branded Alex Varga

If you're beginning a new service, the sooner you acknowledge the value of marketing the much better. But if you do not have marketing experience, you might hit a brick wall with regards to marketing. This is a common issue, and for this matter, you might think about employing a marketing company to aid with your project. Efficient, this method is by no ways low-cost.

Selecting the best marketing technique for your company has its difficulties, and like the majority of business owners, you at least wish to recover cost. What are your options in the beginning?

Utilizing promotional products such as pens can leap begin your marketing efforts. This do-it-yourself marketing strategy may not reach a broad audience, but it's an outstanding beginning point.

Promotional pens have logo and name of brand or company. Such promotional products are preferred and extremely reliable to use as marketing gimmicks across the world. You just require to hand an individual a pen, and she or he will utilize it for several years. You are guaranteed the individual will see your brand name at any time he or she utilizes the pen.
It is advisable to give promotional pens. This is because they are not only cost-efficient and inexpensive but will keep marketing your organisation. This is an evaluated and tried formula used in brand name marketing campaigns.

Advantages of Promotional Pens


Pens are rather beneficial. It is said that a typical pen has over seven numerous uses. In truth, many people borrow pens and stop working to return them. This implies that a great deal of individuals are exposed to your brand. This makes promotion pens great giveaways.

Cost reliable

They do not cost the company a lot of financial investment to have promo pens made. In reality, they cost really little and can be offered quickly. Pens cost few cents. Therefore, it is a no-brainer to attempt them out.

Free Advertising

The reality that pens are borrowed, they quickly relocate to anywhere. You will not know where they are going to end up. This is what is called totally free advertising for your company even though the pens are going to reach non-targets.


Promotional pens are available in numerous styles depending on the marketing requires. You are totally free to pick from low-cost plastic pens to elite pens. They are offered in different sizes and shapes. Some can follow a particular style.

Easy Recall

These kinds of pens include logo design and name of your service or brand name. No matter the person who gets the pen, she or he would see your brand whenever. Some are interested in knowing what is composed on this brand. Besides company cards, which wind up in the garbage, individuals do not throw a pen.

Buying advertising pens is extremely suggested. There are printing professionals that can create custom promo pens for your brand. It is simpler for them to get in touch with the potential customers. This will help your company make an excellent impression.

8 Tips On Managing Your Addiction Recovery


Dependency recovery can be a long and complex procedure. Nevertheless, there are several suggestions to assist make the journey to long-lasting sobriety easier.

1) Deal with a treatment professional or treatment centre to get the help and assistance you require to recover.

Treatment for dependency on alcohol or drugs usually needs expert aid to conquer the entrenched routines and behaviour patterns of dependency. Begin with a therapist and check out the addiction treatment choices for your special requirements. See this epages directory for recovery.

2) Go to regular meetings and look for support groups such as those used through the 12 action programs for ongoing healing support.

Keeping away from the addicting substances and behaviours requires an everyday dedication to abstinence. This is a lot more attainable when you are surrounded by a network of supporters and others who understand what you are dealing with and are offered to offer support when you feel tempted to relapse into your dependency.

3) Develop self-acceptance through practising compassion towards yourself.

Mistakes and regrettable habits go together while in the middle of an addiction. Often, the looking for of our favoured substance or addicting behaviour (gambling, sex, etc) has actually been our chief goal. It terribly clouded our judgment concerning who else might be harmed while doing so. A crucial component of recovery includes discovering how to be a much better good friend to ourselves.

We need to develop a positive regard for our special self that is sensible and that acknowledges our own value regardless of how we look, perform or how others feel about us. A strong sense of self and a commitment to living with integrity and self-regard are vital in sustaining healing long term.

4) Get treatment for co-occurring disorders such as stress and anxiety and depression.

Typically, the addict unconsciously has been self-medicating an underlying mood disorder such as anxiety or stress and anxiety. This should be attended to in order to avoid falling back into the addicting behaviour.

5) Practice mindfulness and living in the moment.

The addict or alcoholic may discover that worry about the future, and regret and sorrow about the past consume them when they are not under the influence of their substance. New coping skills should be utilized right away to make day to day living more tolerable and the ups and downs of life more appropriate.

Finding out to live in the moment, to be present now to the sights, sounds and experiences these days can be an effective grounding tool when emotionally distressed. Deep breathing exercises and meditation can likewise assist in calming torn nerves and assist one to stop mind tripping into the previous or the future.

6) Listen to and honour your feelings and discover to tolerate uncomfortable ones.

The individual struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction can be disengaged from their emotional state to prevent dealing with uncomfortable feelings. Finding out to tolerate unpleasant sensations is essential to long term healing from dependency.

7) Avoid activating occasions and people until you feel secure enough in your healing that the temptation will not overwhelm you.

It may be useful to stay away from previous locations where you used to practice your addiction, such as bars, celebrations, etc. Provide yourself time to develop a deep and lasting dedication to healing behaviours prior to putting yourself in circumstances that might cause you to crave your addicting substance or habits.

8) Accept your addiction and practice abstaining.

Denial is a hallmark of dependency. The belief that "I am not that bad, I will give up tomorrow, etc" characterizes the frame of mind of a practising alcoholic or addict. This denial must be challenged and shattered. Approval that you are unable to tolerate ingestion of this compound or engaging in a specific addicting habit is an important daily step.

Why Your Organisation Requires a Hand-Held Inkjet Coder


The ultra-portable Anser U2 Mobile hand-held printer, available from Pyrotec PackMark, is the world's lightest and most compact printer. It weighs in at simply 1kg and is simple to handle and utilize on even the trickiest print surfaces. It can be carried anywhere and prints at any angle on a range of products and substrates. It boasts a long battery life of 7 hours and constant printing of more than 200 000 characters.

Considering that its launch in South Africa, it's not just showing to be a popular option but has likewise impressed consumers with its ease of use, adaptability and competitive rates.

Quickly integrated into existing lines, the Anser U2 Mobile prints alphanumeric logos and codes onto a variety of items and substrates to assist in scanning and improve traceability throughout the supply chain.

SEE: labeling equipment

The top 10 unequalled features of the Anser U2 Mobile consist of:

1.Ultra-lightweight-- the world's lightest mobile printer, weighing just 1kg.
2. All in one box-- one tiny box with all the devices you require: U2 mobile, remote keypad, 2 high-capacity rechargeable batteries, battery charger, SD card and SD card reader.
3.Ultra-portable-- capable of printing anywhere, at any angle, without ink leak.
4.Long-lasting battery-- 7 hours of constant printing for more than 200 000 characters.
5. Remote keypad-- a pocket-sized remote keypad with user-friendly operation.
6. Large colour screen-- a 2.8-inch colour LCD with LED backlit screen.
7. SD card slot style-- simple software upgrade and data backup.
8.Plug-n-Print-- ink cartridge style without any maintenance and downtime costs.
9. High resolution-- allows you to print high-resolution barcodes at 600dpi while delivering the greatest understandable rate.
10. More ink choices-- print on a variety of substrates utilizing Anser's new Inkfinity ink series.
To learn more about the Anser U2 Mobile, contact Pyrotec PackMark today or watch a presentation of its capabilities at

Disposable Food Packaging Containers have Acquired Large Approval


Today, disposable food packaging containers have acquired large approval all over the world because of their substantial applicability in different industries and homes. When catering for functions, such as birthday celebration, service, wedding event or anniversary conference, use of disposable containers makes excellent sense. Even more, disposable plates, bowls, cups and other kinds of heavy duty foil to provide an alternative of gnawing from home without interrupting the dietary value of eatables. World's major food and drink industries choose the disposable packaging to avoid cleaning difficulty.

Presently, many significant industries are heavily depended on disposable packaging for supplying their food items such as microwavable packaging to the consumers. The market of disposable plastic containers is rapidly growing especially in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, families, medical facilities, institutions and workplaces.

Industries utilizing Disposable Food packaging are as follows:

Railways/rail way canteens
Airline and Shipping Market
Ice cream makers
Hotels and canteens
Fruit juice makers
Jam, Jelly and Ketchup makers
Pickle makers
Fast food makers
Dairy markets
Processed food industries
Self vending makers
Mineral water industries
Pharmaceutical industries
Detergent industries
Advantages of utilizing Disposable Food packaging

Some significant advantages of using Disposable Food Packaging are as follows:

1. Sanitation and Health Advantage
Usage of disposable food service packaging is a great action towards preventing food-borne illness. As they are used only as soon as therefore these items considerably lower the food contamination and spread of diseases.

Disposable packaging is apt for the facilities where proper cleaning & sanitizing facilities for kitchenware and tableware are not readily available. U.S. Food & Drug Administration spells out that "in situations where reusing multiuse items can cause food borne illness to consumers, single-use posts (disposable packaging) should be used"

2. Water & Energy Savings
The commercial size dishwashing systems utilized by the restaurants consume approximately 7 gallons of 150 degree F to 180 degree F water per minute. From these figures we can easily compute that gallons of water & energy are being used by the dining establishments and families for cleaning utensils every day throughout the world. In such case, principle of disposable food containers ought to be extensively adopted to conserve the precious water and energy resource.

3. Avoids Food Spoilage
The disposable food packaging is insulated which helps in keeping the food hot for a long duration of time. Therefore, chances for food getting tossed due to the fact that of inadequate temperature level or food wasting get reduce to a great level.

4. Benefit
The convenience while using disposable containers at no included cost is very important. Many food packaging are rinsed and utilized over & over once again in the households for leftover storage. They are microwave safe likewise that facilitates benefit in additional home reuse.

5. Employee Safety
Single-use (disposable) food service packaging is extremely light weight which reduces the risk of employee mishaps like neck and back pain. Further, the risks of scratches and cuts that can cause due to usage of glasses and chipped irreversible products also get decreases by lots of folds. Establishments need to embrace disposable packaging to offer a safe working environment to their workers.

Disposable food packaging is also a suitable option for the individuals who are concerned about the environment. Such packaging helps in reducing human effect on the environment to an excellent level.

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