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How To Choose A Canopy


Once you’ve determined that pickup outdoor camping is right for you, one of the initial choices you’ll have to make is choosing which truck canopy or truck shell is right for your build. Check out theseĀ VW Amarok Canopies.


1. Aluminum Truck Canopy for Truck Covering Camping

Stamina – As they’re mainly made for profession work – such as building, electrical, pipes, etc – they are generally extremely strong.

Built-in Storage – Also as a result of their usage in profession work, some aluminum truck canopies have storage space built-in by the maker.

Excellent Utilized Selection – You can usually discover these utilized rather easily, though in our experience second-hand rates seem to be greater typically than various other choices

Much less Protected – An aluminum truck canopy will generally be colder in the wintertime and hotter in the summer season compared to various other options

Challenging to Personalize and Repair – The integrated storage space may not suit your needs or build, and also making fixings or modifications to light weight aluminum is not as easy as various other options.

Absence Ventilation – Most lack home windows with air flow or any type of windows at all, as well as while this might be useful for stealth camping, it will seriously affect comfort level.

2. Fiberglass Truck Canopy for Truck Covering Outdoor Camping

Choices – There are numerous fiberglass truck canopy choices available, making it simpler to locate one that fits your specific truck covering outdoor camping construct.

Aerodynamic – Fiberglass truck camping coverings are constructed with aerodynamics in mind. We actually saw an enhancement in gas mileage when we first mounted ours (though mounting a freight basket, solar panel, awning, etc rapidly dissolved that improvement).

Easy To Locate Used – Fiberglass truck coverings are one of the most widespread and there are some seriously bargains to be found on places like craigslist or FB marketplace. However, be prepared to spend time in both searchings for and also rehabbing an utilized fiberglass truck canopy that fits your truck well.

Easy to Repair – A fiberglass pickup outdoor camping covering is a lot easier to repair than various other build types, and the supplies required to do so are generally readily available at most big-box hardware shops.

Toughness – While not weak, a fiberglass truck canopy can be much more vulnerable to breaks/cracks than an aluminum truck canopy which often will just sustain dents.

Weight – Though not virtually as hefty as wood truck outdoor camping coverings, a fiberglass design will be rather larger than an aluminum truck canopy.

Cost – If bought brand-new these can cost a substantial amount.

3. Wedge Camper Truck Canopy for Truck Covering Outdoor Camping

Space – With an integrated pop-top in the camper and also pass-through to the bed listed below, wedge campers provide considerably even more space. This enables you to stand up and also change garments, or cook dishes inside far more easily in harsh weather condition.

Weight – Wedge campers (like our brand-new Go Fast Camper) are built with light-weight light weight aluminum and composite materials, as well as are normally on par with fiberglass shells when it involves weight. We really saw a slight renovation in gas mileage over our fiberglass shell.

Air flow – With the numerous window setups, and also specifically with the GFC having all three sides of the camper covering able to completely open in what they refer to as “cabana mode,” you can have as much air flow as you require to maintain comfortable.

Ease of access – Due To The Fact That the GFC has 3 sides that completely open you can far more conveniently access gear without needing to climb inside the camper shell every time you need something.

Cost – Wedge Campers are considerably much more pricey than other truck canopy choices, and also because Wedge Campers are fairly brand-new in the camper shell as well as truck canopy market your opportunities of locating one made use of are slim.

The Go Fast Camper we selected supplied the very best value on the market when we were considering upgrading. To put it in point of view, if you were considering purchasing an all new fiberglass camper shell and also a top quality hard-shell roof-top-tent the cost would certainly be equivalent.

Much less Sneaky – if you’re used to stealth camping while taking a trip (as we talk about in our cost-free camping overview) utilizing a wedge camper with its leading opened up is definitely a dead giveaway that a person is sleeping in there.