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The Best Music Download Apps for Android and iOS


Have you stuck to the old music that you downloaded a year ago? I can bet that no one can do that, even if the person is not music lover. Everyone downloads new music and songs every other day and there are many apps and sites also.

Knowing of everyone’s addiction to music, I am going to share here the best music download apps. I found these apps on an article on thedigitalworm . I tried most of them and finally found my perfect fit.

In my case, I have no problem on getting premium music apps but I know many people don’t want to invest on their music library and I have got the solution as well.

Best Music Download Apps

  1. Spotify

When it comes to paid music apps then spotify comes at the first spot for me. Just because I said it’s doesn’t mean you can’t use it. If you have access to internet all the time and don’t want to save the songs for offline mode then it’s free for you.

Downloading and saving to offline mode is a premium feature which free users can’t get.

If you can afford to pay few dollars monthly then should be the only app that you would need, if not then use the free version and stream unlimited music online.

  1. Deezer

This one is free, wohoo. Deezer is an awesome app to download music for free on android and iOS both. It has got a lot of attention in the recent times and it is worth it.

You can get the official app for Deezer on the official app stores of android and iOS.

It’s on the app store that means you don’t have to worry about any copyrighted content because such app stores don’t allow any app that distributes copyrighted content without proper license.

  1. SoundCloud

I can never to forget to mention this absolutely freaking good free music downloader app that puts no limit on how much music you stream, how much music you put to offline, it’s all free and trust me the quality of music here is too damn good. You can download as much as you want and listen to music without WiFi later.

If you can on your computer then you can use its website also to discover new music on the go.

If I were to go for a free music download app then SoundCloud is my first priority.

That’s all for now, these music app does exactly what they promise and they are worth every effort or penny.