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New Perspective Design – Website design


Before I start I would say this, we provide installation of google analytics and webmaster tools – tools provided by google to monitor website traffic, conversion and many other user metrics we use these metrics as reports to measure the success and provide you with feedback on the effectiveness of any work done by us. It is standard protocol f for us to provide reports on request should you however want access to the account this will also be provided. This is why we are the best website design company in East London, because we are constantly monitoring and adapting to inline serp changes and user experience. A website is a ongoing long term investment into your business and we embrace that

Keyword research:

We propose doing extensive keyword research to see what consumers that are your target market are really searching. We can effectively measure the search volumes of these keywords and the conversion rates tied to them.

Website Layout / Design / - On page seo

A big reason for the New Perspective Design low ranking on Google is due to a lack of content on the website.

Google uses the content of your website among many other factors to determine if your website is a relevant answer for a query.

The structure of the website should be designed in such a manner that it would allow for more information to be presented regarding the above mentioned keywords especially on the home page. Restructuring of the heading tags , h2 tags , meta title and description all need to be optimised in addition to image name and alt tags, to produce a more relevant higher ranking site.

The internal linking structure is also of importance to google. The href tags that “page a” uses to link “page b” assists in telling google what page b is about once again increasing query relevancy.

Other factors for ranking consideration revolve around metrics such as site speed, mobile usability and page dwell time of users. We would aim to improve all these metrics with an improved design and subsequently increase rankings.

This combined with monitoring of google analytics to will provide a huge amount of data useful to your other marketing departments while allowing us to identify weak points and thus further work develop stronger user metrics.

New Perspective Design i also lacks any credibility I would not by looking at this website say that you as a business have been around for over a year, things like project write ups, images , testimonials and partners serve as peer review and thus stronger credibility and relevancy to google.

No offence New Perspective Design but this website not a complete job.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is the constant communication and growth of our clients. We have most of our clients on WhatsApp meaning support is almost always there.

This is why we have the reviews we have and its why we are confident enough to tell you pick any client in our portfolio give them a call and ask them about our service standards.

Off page Seo and Social media

New Perspective Design also manages social media accounts. Creating content marketing strategies for social media. Monitoring and adjusting current strategies to get users to engage with your brand. This usually includes custom designed branded theme content. Social media is very important, although some niches don’t really sell on social media the existence of a social media page provides assistance to google ranking as a place of authority where your website is mentioned.

Similarly business listings and links to your website from other website all serve to to increase ranking factors in Google and is thus a big part of off page SEO, we equate it to popularity votes.

It should be noted that organic SEO is a constantly shifting landscape and is something that should be constantly worked on as google changes its ranking factors and competitors respond to your rank increase with SEO of their own.

Google My business setup

Google my business is having your website on the map pack we optimise and complete the lengthy verification process for you. This listing can provide a great amount of traffic due to the fact that this map pack shows up above organic rankings.

While google my business has its own set of ranking factors such as mentions around the web ie social media, Proximity is one of the biggest ranking factors

AdWords – Management fee

Paid advertising is a way to bid for a position on the first page of search results on googles search engine. AdWords is a very sophisticated ppc tool that will allow the targeting of specific demographics of internet users  such as, age, location, gender, income, interests and many more.

With the fore mentioned keyword research we would know what keywords to initially bid on. When enough data is gathered an analysis can be done to identify demographics or keywords that do not perform well the bid for those can be decreased of stopped completely while increasing the bid for demographic or keywords that show good conversion rates.

Google AdWords allows for various portfolio bid strategies that offers its advantages and disadvantages based on your goals we would choose the best suited.

The amount that you need to bid for a keyword depends on a few factors namely competitor bids, and quality score. Quality score is determined by three factors page relevancy (This is why we need to implement on page seo ), ad relevancy  and projected click through rates.

A higher quality score will allow you to bid lower for higher positions. By eliminating non performing demographics and keywords with time your projected click through rate will also increase and further lower your cpa ( cost per acquisition.)

To eliminate unnecessary spend we look at data and determine negative keywords.

An example would be if you bid on the keywords phrase match “car hire” you may show up for “landscape surveyor jobs” jobs would thus be set as a negative keywords as it is not a purchase intent query.

Adwords shows before the map pack and organic search results.

New Perspective Design will setup and run ad campaigns for you for a monthly fee.

This would involve analysing data weekly and making adjustments within AdWords as mentioned.

Controlling budget spend while maximising conversions through our experience within the industry.

An allocated budget would be paid to New Perspective Design which would be used in your AdWords account. New Perspective Design will have full access to data, accounts and statements upon request.

This is a basic overview of what we propose to not only measurably increase your website traffic but bring more relevant users with the purchase intent to your website.